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Cashmere Wraps and Scarves

Get fashionably cosy with our cashmere scarves and wraps. Snug, soft, and beautifully warm as if you were wrapped in a cloud – that is how you’ll feel wearing our cashmere pieces. Practicality aside, they also serve as fashionable, stunning accessories to add spirit to your everyday outfit. Everyday Cashmere does this with a little bit more magnitude and personality. It’s not just any cashmere scarf – it’s an Everyday Cashmere scarf, made with superior quality, excellent craftsmanship, and a whole lot of heart. Let your presence speak volumes for you whenever you strut in style with our cashmere travel wraps. Everyday Cashmere offers the finest quality cashmere wraps that transcend time and emotions. Our selection comes in a variety of colours and prints to suit every discerning taste, including gorgeous statement pieces and emerging favourites. For the lover of travel, the outdoors, or simply to the 9-5 worker, our wraps will get you through your everyday - feeling loved and snug. Browse our collection to discover something enchanting.

Cashmere Universal Rib Scarf

Cashmere Wraps and Scarves, Cashmere Collection,

Stripe Poncho

Cashmere for Women, Womens Tops, Cashmere Ponchos

Supersoft Cashmere Scarf

Cashmere for Women, 24 hour sale, Cashmere Wraps and Scarves

The Shrug

24 hour sale, Womens Tops, Cashmere Ponchos

Jet Set Cashmere Scarf

24 hour sale, Cashmere Wraps and Scarves, Cashmere Collection

Cashmere Transit Wrap

24 hour sale, Cashmere Wraps and Scarves, Cashmere Collection

Cashmere Travel Wrap

24 hour sale, Cashmere Collection, Travel Wrap Sale - This Weekend Only

The Jet Set Fringe

Cashmere Collection, Cashmere Wraps and Scarves, Cashmere for Women

Net Cover-all

Cashmere for Women, Cashmere Ponchos, Cashmere Wraps and Scarves

The Shrug Blended

Cashmere Collection, Womens Tops, Blended Shrug

Signature Cashmere Wrap

2018 clearance 30 OFF, RAINY DAY PICKS, Cashmere for Women

Reversible Merino Silk Scarf

Untouched World Merino, Cashmere for Women, Cashmere Wraps and Scarves

The Blanket Poncho

24 hour sale, Cashmere for Women, Cashmere Ponchos

Shrug Striped

Key Pieces for the Long Weekend, End of Summer Sale 2019,

Regular Price: AU$285.00

Special Price AU$199.50

Silk Chiffon Sarong Scarf

Cashmere for Women, Silk Chiffon Sarong Scarves, Cashmere Wraps and Scarves