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Cashmere Lounge Pants for Women

Shop our Womens Lounge Pants Collection

Unwind and relax in style with cashmere. Everyday Cashmere offers a selection of fabulous women's cashmere lounge pants to go with your everyday look. Luxuriously soft yet practical year-round wear, our lounge pants are made from the highest quality silk and cashmere to satisfy the discerning taste. They offer a relaxed fir for maximum comfort, while offering unequaled elegance and style. Combed from the downy undercoat of Alax goats roaming the steppes of Mongolia, the fine yarn is processed and designed to meet the requirements of the busy traveller and worker: convenience and ease. Each Everyday Cashmere garden is long-lasting and offers years and comfort, thanks to our high-quality yarns and design. From skirts, pants to leggings. Everyday Cashmere bottoms for women are the perfect addition to your wardrobe. Experience cashmere like you never have. Browse through our selection and order yours today.

Slouchy Zip Pant

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