Jet Set Cashmere Scarf


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These 100% cashmere Jet Set scarves are pure luxe. At 2m long and 65 cm wide, they are long enough to wrap around your neck and still have plenty of presence, and wide enough to wrap over your shoulders when needed, and of course the most perfect plane blanket. An everyday essential for all travellers. The Australian Travel Editor, Susan Kurosawa, says "I never leave home without the fringed Jet Set to wrap up in. Like the cosiest of bunny rugs and available in jazzy colours .... SMH & The Age Travel Writer, Lee Tulloch says, " We're absolutely besotted with these Jet Set Scarves from Everyday Cashmere. Huge enough to double as a warm travel blanket, they are made from an ultra-light cashmere that's spun softer than any other natural fibre. Perfect for so many occasions; casual jeans and jacket, on the sideline of a sporting match, a country weekend away essential, and of course they are the perfect accessory for any long flight. Ditch the scratchy plane blanket and cover yourself in the cashmere Jet Set.

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