Annabelle Cashmere Long Sleeve Sweater

It’s Friday and the weekend starts in a matter of hours. Thoughts of being soft, warm and free to relax your mind and soul after a hectic week are flowing.
Introducing the Annabelle cashmere long sleeve sweater. Pure cashmere, it is luxurious to lounge in, looks fabulous with jeans and boots, and allows your body to be free.
With stunning loose ribbed neck, ribbed arms and side slits, it adds an air of creativity to the wearer.
When you move the eye is drawn to the ribbing on the arm and sides and of course the cashmere cascading around the neck.
Bring on that peaceful easy feeling, that never lets you down.
Available in cream, cobalt, slate and ammethist.
Sized at small/medium and then medium large.

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