The Secret to Good Packing

The secret to good packing is careful strategy, and the wise thing to do is find all your essentials before you go, says Lee Tulloch, editor of Mr and Mrs Amos.

Pack early.

I’m one of those people who packs my bags way ahead of the trip. Sometimes I start popping things in the suitcase two weeks beforehand. No one wants to lug excessive clothing (and heavy shoes) around for weeks, so longer trips take military planning and precision. I think as much of the trip through as possible, which is why I feel more secure and ready to fly knowing everything I need is already in the case.

Everyday Cashmere’s Supersoft Cashmere Scarf is my security blanket. It’s so lightweight, comes in great colours, and I’ve never found anything as good on the ground overseas. Because they are featherlight and take up little space, there’s room for two or three colours to brighten up any basic travel wardrobe. And they breathe, so they work in all climates – especially in places like Singapore, where it’s humid outside but freezing inside.

Cobalt Blue Supersoft Scarf

The exchange rate is not your friend.

I’ve been caught out so many times thinking that I’ll buy what I need when I get there, only to find it’s not in season or the prices are much higher than expected owing to fluctuating currencies.

In the case of cashmere, I always think I’m going to find a bargain in China – instead I find that what’s on offer retail in China either boring, poorly designed or badly fitting and sometimes all three! In Europe or the USA there are some fabulous pieces if you shop carefully, but it’s very costly.

Who wants to shop till they drop?

I’m less interested in shopping when I travel these days, especially as there are so many homogenous brands and you can find the same things all over the world. I still love discovering local, handmade or hand designed pieces, but when I travel, I want to experience everything, not just the interior of a shopping mall. (Places to be avoided in my opinion, unless you’re somewhere like Dubai, where they are the only option.)

Besides, who has the time? I don’t want to be beholden to buying something I didn’t bring and miss out on a special experience because I’m in the shops looking for the flat shoes I should have packed. Murphy’s law says you’ll only find them when you’re not looking for them. I’ve wasted days on these hunts. Better to bring the essentials from home and save the shopping for something really surprising and inspirational.

Good travel pieces are hard to find. When you see ’em, grab ’em, I always say. The Slouchy Zip Pant teamed with the cashmere and silk Pilar wrap cardigan, Layer Tank or LST is my travel ‘tracksuit.’ I’ve never found anything more comfortable. Truly. And with a Travel Wrap, Shrug or Jet Set Scarf as the final comfort piece for the plane, I really don’t need to look anywhere else.

Pilar wrap cardi on the go Slouchy Zip pant

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