The Cruise Wardrobe

There is no doubt that Australians have adopted cruising as one of their top modes of transport for vacations. Daily we are asked for our advice on what to pack for a cruise. From a design perspective, we make light and loose wraps and shrugs in beautiful cashmere colours which suit cruising, be it dining on board or a ship to shore excursions.

For advice, we work directly with industry experts, Ponant, the world leader of luxury expeditions and Signature Luxury Travel magazine’s editor Cathy Wagstaff to gain insights into what is needed in your luggage a cruise.

Enjoy reading these tips and feel free to call us directly to discuss what your needs are. Our cashmere HQ number is +61 2 99585725. Voyage in Vogue

The Cruise Wardrobe

The polar regions - Arctic and Antarctic, along with Alaska - are top cruise destinations for Australians and PONANT is the world leader of Luxury Expeditions in polar regions, taking more visitors to these icy reaches than any other cruise line. So we had a chat with Monique Ponfoort, Vice President Australasia, about key cruising considerations.

Shoulder season travel April/May and Sept /Oct means unpredictable weather

“Australians travel year round, with polar and Alaskan voyages in the northern and southern summer periods. The challenge is that trans-seasonal travel can mean unpredictable weather and getting your wardrobe right, whether we are talking the Med, Japan, Arctic or the Kimberley, is key for on-board comfort.

Start with dress code

Firstly, start with the dress code. PONANT is stylishly relaxed. We believe that if you are on holiday, you leave your work wear at home. I would recommend a lightweight jacket for indoor dining. In the Arctic and Antarctic we provide you with a Polar Parka for all expeditions. PONANT understand that this is very necessary gear and we need to make sure that you are comfortable. Cruising is often mixed with seeing friends and family and lugging a polar parka around on your trip doesn’t match our pack light and be free philosophy.”

Scarves, Gloves & Hats

Scarves, gloves and hats are essential. Everyday Cashmere has a range of travel wraps for exterior and lightweight cashmere scarves for indoor air conditioned environments. Passengers find it useful to rotate cashmere wraps and scarves giving them a different look for dining experiences.

Cords & Cards

Cords and cards. Polar voyages offer 24 hour photo opportunities but are light years away from accessible technology. All cards and cords need to come with you. We recommend that you don’t have more than a day at a time on your memory card. There is nothing worse than getting the perfect shot and losing it through technology. On polar cruises PONANT has a specialist expedition team who will share their expertise and knowledge with you to improve your understanding of the places visited’.

Most Importantly, Your feet

Most importantly, your feet. How many pairs of shoes to take and what soles is always a highly contested question. PONANT provides waterproof Expedition boots with your Parka, so there is no need to purchase specialist expedition footwear on our polar voyages. That leaves you to focus on comfortable ship to shore walking shoes and heels. How high is up to you. There are no dinner-suit formal dinners on PONANT voyages, however many passengers like to dine as if they are visiting one of their favourite restaurants at home. Casual yet elegant fits the bill.


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