Qantas Magazine


I was recently interviewed by Qantas Magazine on what style of packing technique I use. Am I a roller or a folder? Personally, anything that eliminates getting out an iron for me is the way to go. I find rolling leaves less creases in clothes but the fabric can be the definer.

The key for me is preparedness, be it a work trip, weekend break or two-week getaway. I start a couple of weeks out. Part of this planning of what to take defines what's the purpose of the trip and what I want to get out of it. Be it work or play, I do a test pack and then often a few days later change things around because I've done some more research on what is on the agenda or the weather has changed. Net net, there is nothing worse that being too hot or too cold and then annoyed because you feel unsuitably dressed.


My work week is really busy and family time precious so I find spending time a week or so before frames the trip. I also like to start the break the night before and hate running around at the last minute randomly shoving things into a bag. Speaking of which, the bag you take can determine your packing style. To roll or to fold? Always put the heaviest things at the wheelie end of the bag, the bottom and then the lightest on top. I use clear bags to segment T-shirts, undies, accessories such as camera cords and cards - yes my Canon EOS goes everywhere. My trusty Samonsite cabin bag is my bestie when it comes to luggage and I don't leave home without it.

Jen Hart - Everyday Cashmere