Roll on - New World Packing Tips

The lasting impact of covid on the travel industry are queues and lost luggage so what better way to circumvent both by travelling light and taking only carry on luggage.  With staff shortages reporting lost luggage, you might make the plane but your luggage may not have even been locked and loaded.
A key travel tactic has always been control what you can control. More than ever this now applies to luggage and ensuring your time in transit is accompanied with your luggage.  
Whether you're heading to Europe or the Goldie you'll need to minimise clothing to roll on and off that plane.  
Here’s our advice on what to pop in your 7 kgs of hand luggage.

1. Weigh your bag - I use a 1.2 kg Samsonite cabin bag.

2. Wear your heaviest shoes - invest in another light-as-air pair of trainers - let’s face it, the world’s in love with them and heels after Covid just aren’t practical anymore.

3. Cold to hot and hot to cold ain’t easy. AC on plane cabins is usually set at 20 degrees. You need a wrap or a scarf and cashmere is light, soft warm and practical. We call our supersoft cashmere scarves, a genie in a bottle. At 2 m long and a metre wide, there’s a myriad of ways to wear them.

4. Choose only natural fibres that breathe with your skin. Silk and cashmere neutrals such as our long sleeve T’s and tanks mixed with Merino slouchy zip pants that have a secure zip for your passport and boarding pass, are essential plane attire.

 5. Play with colour palettes prior to leaving home. Lie everything out on the bed, and practice mixing and matching. A silk dress, is not just for night but can be layered with a tank, vest, scarf and belted. A fine knit traveller crew jumper is good for morning walks and evening cool.

6. Minimise toiletries and meds. Practice that look of appearing to wear makeup but not. It’s a lost easier to view it that way .Go natural for day and night. Eyeliner like Victoria Beckham and mascara with a natural powder. Moisturiser with sunscreen saves another tube. Forget shampoo and conditioner, you can buy it there.

7. Print and pack paper copies of passport, vaccinations certificates, insurance and necessary entry forms.

8. Be ready to power up. Whether you're in transit and need to prove your health status, or fill in another form while in the queue before you board, you’ll need a backup power. Yes power packs are heavy so do the research and take the recharge cord.

9. Weigh up taking your favourite thing. Mine’s my Canon EOS. Might be lighter to use my iPhone.

10. Remember to make anything you need to take out of your luggage at security easily accessible in order to keep those queues moving.


Packing light is something we all aspire to but in reality, looking like a sophisticated traveller who can transit from the plane to a bar in New York requires precision packing.

Time spent on the ground is all about enjoying the experiences rather than stressing about what to wear.

  • As Australians we jump on a plane in one climate and off in another. Doing it with minimal luggage seems to be the trend.

    At Everyday Cashmere, we are focussed on designing and producing light, easy to wear essentials that transit it you through from day to play across multiple climate zones and leave you feeling loved along the way.

    Getting it right, is all in the planning. Here are some helpful tips for travelling light;


1. Check the weather for your destination, before you launch into your wardrobe and reach for your favourite items. There is no point thinking you have it right if you are 10 degrees out.

2. Know your luggage restrictions. If you are flying, weigh your bag. Most airlines allow around 7kgs as carry-on/cabin baggage. If you are going on a road trip, consider what other goodies you are lugging with you and make sure the bag you plan to take will fit in the boot. It’s easier than finding a larger car….

3. Write a packing list. Think clothing, accessories, toiletries, medications, electronics, reading material, a camera, city guides… Don’t forget chargers as rarely do you give up your mobile phone habits.  Camera cards, you are better taking a few with less memory than one for eh whole 

4. Start packing from your feet. Travelling involves walking and often changes in climates, your feet need support whether they are on show or not. Will you need flats, flip-flops, boots, heels, wedges, or walking shoes? Regardless of what you take, a good tip is to wrap shoes in disposable shower caps, then pack them in the bottom of your bag. And don’t forget, your time at airports is getting longer. Despite a lounge, they are no place for heels. 

5. Go with colour schemes that mix and match. Neutral tones such as greys, navy’s and blacks are a great base that can be paired with lighter tone on tone or brighter coloured accessories. Plan by outfits so you don’t have to put things together when you are at your destination. I always lay everything on my bed, then, have some fun and start trying everything on. Check the look in the mirror and take a picture. It’s hard to think minimal, but try taking pieces that can be worn day and night. 

6. Layering is great for versatility and fickle weather.  Travelling with a wrap, poncho, scarf or cardigan not only adds a layer but it keeps you climate ready. Planes are set for 20 degrees, the air is cool and dry, which is cold when you are resting and enjoying the inflight entertainment. You can't go wrong without a cashmere travel wrap, Shrug or Jet Set scarf, which are soft, light and warm. Our favourite to manage trans- seasonal temperature variations and over efficient AC is our Pilar Wrap cardigan and silk and cashmere long sleeve T-shirts. In the end, you can't go wrong with natural fibres that adjust to your body. Take the time to plan your plane outfit as comfort is key for hot to cold or cold to hot transiting .

7. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise.  Hear we are talking jewellery, hats, belts, bags and scarves to make basic outfits look different each time and take you from day to night often with the same core tops and bottoms. Think through colour palettes with shoes and scarves. Right now brights are in. Have a look at our supersoft cashmere scarves in the dark pink and cobalt blue to transform any black basics. Practise tying scarves and wraps before you go to get different looks.

8. Don’t forget your underwear. Pack enough (!) in a soft cotton bag or zip locks so they are easy to find and in one place. 

9. Keep toiletries in clear zip lock bags. Using travel sizes (100ml or less) and remember you can always buy toiletries at any destination. Pack them at the bottom of your bag to avoid leakages through your clothes.

10. OK, so now how to pack everything! Remember to roll (rather than fold) to keep clothes light and less creased. If you want to fold, then use compression travel bags or (again) zip-lock bags so that you can keep the air and bulk out.