What do you want from travel in 2024?

What do you  want from  travel in  2024?

What do you want from travel in 2024? Here’s what we’re hearing from our network of experts.

1. Trending in 2024 are 1 flight destinations that get you there and are relaxing within hours. Think Japan, Fiji, Bali, Vanuatu, Timor-Leste and other nearby Pacific and South East Asian nations. Partly as a response to high international airfares which, unlike almost everywhere else in the world, continue for Australians with not a spare seat on board. Our own South Pacific backyard has 10,000 islands to explore and on the ‘it’ list are chains like Indonesia’s Lesser Sunda, home to the some of the world’s best snorkelling and diving and the Komodo dragons.

2. Long haul flights are accompanied by longer time away to minimise carbon footprints. Last year was for revenge travel, after two years of going nowhere. 2024 is about staying longer, going slower and diving deeper.

3. High speed rail is a preferred on the ground experience in Europe, Japan and South Korea. With the new Orient Express at the peak of luxury, Australians are calling for similar overnight experiences on the tracks in the countryside.

4. Shoulder-season travel is even more appealing due to rising temperatures and increased crowds. The trend fits with our post pandemic desire for more intimate experiences coupled with nature.

5. Cruising is as popular as ever with liners launch 2025/26 trips on new ships earlier than ever before. The variety of ships and destinations is ever increasing with South America a popular choice.

6. Off road adventure travel to broaden your outdoor repertoire and be in under crowded nature. Think bike, snorkel, kayak, hiking, anything that is good for the soul and less impactful on the planet. WA’s trails and untouched beaches are top of the wish list for many after being virtually locked out of the state for 2 years.

7. Some are seeking more meaningful travel. To feel like your holiday is part of a bigger picture is an increasing agenda for some beyond the previous health spa. Engagement with locals that attributes to giving back can take many forms that benefits less advantaged locals.

8. New halfway hubs open up stimulating and unique destinations. Europe via India’s Delhi and Mumbai combined with more Turkish , Singaporean and Air India flights will create exciting one-stop adventures, especially in the back end of this year. Perth to London and Italy are already proving popular, but at a high cost.

9. AI and other technologies means faster processing through passport control.