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Our Best Sellers

Who is Everyday Cashmere?

"Nailing the perfect 'stylist but oh-so comfy' look for long haul flight is an art form." Sydney based businesswoman and fashionista Jen Hart turned long ago to cashmere as her go-to cloth.

Hart established her label, Everyday Cashmere, when living in Shangai in 2008 with her husband and kids. " I wanted light, versatile garments that I could rely on in all situations!' she says.

"Today her online business is booming" says Fiona Carruthers, Fin Review and Traveller

As a nation of travellers, we get on a plane in one climate and off in another. We need soft, light and warm clothing that transits you around the globe, while making you feel special

Made from Mongolian cashmere yarn that is sourced from family-run farms. we believe that you share our same values of quality and care and subscribe to the practical principle of, "I only wear clothes from brands that I trust, and make me feel special".

Challenging 'everydayness' is our goal

How would you describe your design?

Each piece is designed to make you feel special as you go about your everyday.

We produce pieces made from the world's most luxurious fibers, cashmere and silk and sometimes adding a touch of pure Australian merino. The styles are practical without being constrictive. We rarely use buttons or zips, but tailor garments so they move when you do.

Versatility is key for us. We understand that cashmere is an investment piece and one you want to wear a lot, so we design pieces that can be worn more ways than one
The Shrug for example can be worn as a poncho, cowl neck, V neck, boat neck and scarf.

Quality that cares about you is our goal and your feedback suggests that we have nailed it.

How/Where are your pieces made

With a lot of love! Our hearts and horns signature represents the core values that are underpinned at every level of the business
From the farm gate, we only use yarn from Alexa goats who are tended by family run businesses in Mongolia, where the local grasses of wild onion, leek and garlic are prolific. Local herdsmen take care of goats like children, and our production is only associated with families that we know.

Once the yarn is spun, washed and hand dyed, it's a combination of heritage and high tech to create quality and longevity in our garments. We only produce garments in sustainable qualities, made by production facilities that are world class in technology and working condition for all staff.

Johnstons of Elgin, in Scotland are the oldest cashmere facility in the world, we use them and others in shanghai, Christchurch and Nepal depending on what machines are needed to knit different designs.

Everything is designed here in Sydney and where appropriate we mix Australian merino wool with our cashmere and silk.
We are a small team that is passionate about quality in every step of the way

Where do you find inspiration for your pieces

From our own experiences and followers. We've now got a dedicated following and they're very vocal. Put simply, once you buy cashmere you don't go back.
As a brand we like to talk directly to the people who use our garments and get their feedback and ideas.

Where do you find the locations for your photoshoots? Who is your photographer?

The last shoot wad in my house. It's a 1970's iconic Australian house. Before that we used our Rocks shop and the surroundings. We have also shot at Banisters at Mollymook and are thinking of partnering with a hotel chain for the next shoot.

Our photographer is Made Brown, 0439831890. She's young and based on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Finding locale is a team effort and it must be Australian.

You often do product partnerships for your models to wearing jewellery and other items, how do you navigate this?

We partner with Pigna designs. Kristina Ammitzboul and I met in London in the late 1980's and have worked closely together since then. We love her range of quality jewellery with every stone that has special meaning.

Next up for Everyday Cashmere is?

Growing partnerships like The Store. We believe that your readers subscribe to the same values as us. Increasingly people want to know who designed what they wear, why and where it's made.

Building on what we achieved last year and growing the love and understanding of cashmere is important to us. As Australians we are traveling more and more, and whether its at home or overseas we want to be prepared. So getting it right is important.