Insider info - How to Really Look Like a Styled Traveller

Insider info - How to Really Look Like a Styled Traveller

We all want to be like one of ’ those’ people. You know the ones who check in looking uber chic, rolling their minimal luggage effortlessly through the airport and onto the plane or through the hotel lobby.

And there you are, looking harried, with extra bits stuffed in a handbag that’s too large, weighs a ton and doesn’t have enough zips!

There are four key touchpoints in any journey - packing, departures, in transit and arrivals. We’ve consulted and considered the best 'don’t leave home without’ essentials and here’s our insider take on travelling in style.


Whether you’re flying high above the clouds or on the road, it has to be light, compact and spin. We don’t go anywhere without Samsonite cabin baggage. Try OC2 Lite, and 37 L capacity weighing at 2.6 kgs.

Plan and practice early. Whether it’s a weekend away or a vac-ay flight, you want to spend time at your destination having fun, not stressing about what to wear. Lay it out on the bed, turn up the music and try on. Stick to neutral baes with pops of colour and subscribe to the less is more philosophy.

It goes without saying that where you go, your phone goes too. So make sure you have power and chargers.

Think about the fabrics you choose. Lightweight and natural for your body so it breathes with your skin. And the opposite for handbags, you can’t beat a Hedgren nylon cross body. Full of pockets and zips and weigh 200grams.



Arrive wearing your heaviest and comfiest shoes. Travelling, whether by car or air, requires walking and new shoes and heels are not the go.

Cold to hot and hot to cold is what Australians subscribe to for getaways. So wear that cashmere Jet Set scarf, merino slouchy zip pants and a silk and cashmere Pilar cardi, our take on a soft suit jacket . Natural fibres absorb sweat and body orders better than synthetic fibres.

Have your documents easily accessible. Post Covid travel may require more proof of ID. Don’t hold up those queues by having to rummage through a bag to find all important copies.

Arrive early to avoid stress. Labour shortages mean longer checkin times. And if you’re on the road, check the maps and don’t think reception 100% of the time is a guarantee.


In Transit

Toiletries are always a challenge. You really want that favourite face cream and body lotion. Either decant into small bottles available at all local chemists, or buy travel sizes. Any which way, travelling is often dehydrating so keep up the water with your own metal water bottle.

Download favourite playlists, research about your destination and things to watch. Settle in, practise slow breathing and get into that book and all things on the local culture of your destination.

AC, be it on the plane or in the car it's usually set to 20 or 21 degrees. Be prepared and keep that cashmere Jet Set scarf at arms length.



Walk tall and stride long. You’ve made it to your break so smile, and get ready for the fun dial. Post covid travel can be challenging but in the end it’s the reset that many of us need and pleasantries go a long way with those locals on the ground.

If you have’t already booked restaurants and activities, jump onto it quickly. Whatever the weather we’re all keen to experience the new. After such a long hiatus, successful travel is more than ever about controlling what you can and making sure that the objective to the trip is met.