Soft Gold - Facts About Us & The World's Most Precious Fibre

Soft Gold - Facts About Us & The  World's Most Precious Fibre


Our production partners are world class, not only in technology and sustainability, but working conditions for people involved in every step. We produce in Scotland, Mongolia, Shanghai, Christchurch NZ and regional NSW.

We only produce garments that use sustainable and biodegradable fibres. Consumer footprints are at the top of everyone’s mind, and we’re conscious the fashion industry has a lot to answer for. With this in mind we are currently working on a circular recycling project which we hope to offer in the first half of 2022.


From the farm gate, our cashmere is only produced from Alexa goats that roam freely on small family run farms in Mongolia, where extreme heat coupled with extreme cold, naturally produce long fine cashmere fibres. Local herdsmen take care of their goats like children and, our production is only associated with families that we know.

Each Spring the goat’s hair is carefully hand combed and then the yarn is washed, hand dyed and spun. It’s a combination of heritage and high tech that results in exquisite quality yarn that is then knitted.

We use Australian merino wool in our blended cashmere garments and fine knitted scarves. The wool is sheered off the sheeps back, washed, dyed and spun. Our fine merino scarves are made in Wellington NSW with wool from the Glenwood Merino property.


It’s a fact, cashmere is the world’s most luxurious fibre that is ultra light, soft, warm and 100% natural.

Yes it’s expensive, but in this sustainable world, investment made on long lasting, sustainably produced and versatile pieces that give you something back, is a whole lot better than fast fashion one season pieces.

Here at Everyday Cashmere, we’re obviously in the mindset that less is more and quality reins over quantity.

Surrounding yourself with beautiful things that make you feel good is a mantra that we sing, everyday.


Think of cashmere as ’soft gold’. It’s the most precious fibre in the world. To put it into perspective, cashmere goats only produce about 200 grams of fibre a year compared to a sheep which produces at least 3 kilos.

It’s this limited supply, coupled with sustainable animal husbandry methods undertaken by small family run farms in Mongolia that contributes to the cost.

The best thing about it is, you’re buying longevity. While we’re on-trend, our garments are not only made to last but have elements of design that are  classic. 

Our cashmere is crafted with a lot of love, from the hand combing of goats to dying and spinning of yarn, knitting, shipping and packing. Quality is at the forefront of everything we produce to ensure your garment stands the test of time.

An everyday cashmere piece, for this reason is not for good, but to fit in to your lifestyle, love you back as you go about your daily routine.

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