Let's Stay Close Knit in 2022

Let's Stay Close Knit in 2022

The start of the year makes us reassess priorities and set hopes and patterns for the coming year. We take stock of people and things that we are grateful for and define how we want to move forward and tackle each day. In this spirit, we’d like to remind you what our mission is for 2022 and how appreciative we are that you’ve chosen us.


We’re a small and Australian design team that is inspired by nature. Dedicated to limited production runs of quality silk and cashmere and cashmere garments that better your everyday.

Are a passionate team that wants to talk and interact with our followers.

Understand the need for sustainably produced garments that have longevity and give back to you everyday.

Are not for good, but here to help transform your daily routines and revitalise you in 2022.