Introducing Bespoke Milliner Fiona Schofield in our NEW Everyday Crew

Introducing Bespoke Milliner Fiona Schofield in our NEW Everyday Crew


"In a commission, at one point in time we’ll talk about a hat. The nicest thing about creating hats to order is the unexpected bi-product of the story behind. People think I create a hat for their head, but it's for their lifestyle. The process often starts via a message or conversation around where they live, an event they're going to and, soon moves to who’s getting married, what kids they have, what they do for work, and travel. Eventually how the hat will fit into all of this comes out. Be it a hat for lunch and the races, or for hanging out the washing, doing the gardening and then skipping into town.



Overwhelmingly people want quality over quantity and style over fast fashion. I work on my own so talking through the rationale is part of a great customer experience. The thought, care and time that goes into creating a hat is as important as the end result. Hats and cashmere are similarly placed. We make straw hats for Queenslanders all year and felt hats for Tasmanians all year. I’d prefer to dress in natural fibres like cashmere all year. When you’re working, you don’t want to be constricted but dressed in garments that move and breathe with you.



Layers are great and practical. Silk and cashmere next to your skin and then a natural soft dirty colour jumper on top. I love neutrals and Everyday Cashmere delivers these colours and more. We all have our daily routine and increasingly I believe that people surround themselves with favourites and wear them, everyday. My hats and Everyday Cashmere subscribe to these important values, shop small, buy local and focus on quality that lasts. My favourites are the Everyday Crew layered with the Snood.



Visit Fiona’s POP UP SHOP at the Corner Store Gallery Orange,

382 Summer St Orange

April 1 - April 10

10am - 5pm

or call Fiona directly to

make an appointment

on 0427 150 172