Cashmere for a Cure With Cure Cancer CEO Nikki Kinloch

Cashmere for a Cure With Cure Cancer CEO Nikki Kinloch

As CEO of an Australian charity that raises funds for cancer research, how has the last 12 months impacted Cure Cancer?

The last year has been incredibly difficult for many of us and the charity sector has not escaped unscathed. Like many, Cure Cancer faced a number of challenges as a result of the global pandemic. The cancellation of key fundraising events and social gatherings on top of this also had an adverse effect on some of our biggest revenue streams. Sadly, however, cancer doesn’t stop and 148,000 cases of cancer are estimated to be diagnosed in Australia this year; so our researchers need support more than ever before to ensure their important work can continue. Although many of our researchers are still attending their institutes, their work has been severely disrupted, with important conferences both locally and overseas either cancelled or postponed. Resources at their universities or research institutes are also thinly stretched, which is why the support of donors to ensure life-saving cancer research is not disrupted is so crucial.

You’re focused on funding young Australian researchers at the start of their careers, why is this?

Yes, we are the only charity in Australia that solely funds early-career cancer researchers (ECRs.) ECRs are researchers that are up to 7 years post their PHD. Brilliant young scientists at the very start of their career. We focus on this ‘seed’ funding as sadly only 11% of ECRs currently receive funding in Australia. This forces many young researchers to either move abroad to secure funding or they may even end up pursuing a different career path.

Research is the key to finding a cure for the different cancers and Cure Cancer is the succession planning vehicle which not only supports innovative cancer research today but ensures that the pool of future research talent is replenished for the future.

Fund-raising through collaborations is a new model for corporates who want to give back. What values do you and Everyday Cashmere share?

Collaborations are vitally important to us at Cure Cancer. In the same way that cancer researchers collaborate with each other on research projects to find breakthroughs, we at Cure Cancer, love working with like-minded organisations that understand the importance of cancer research and the longer-term positive impacts that it will have on the community.

Everyday Cashmere focuses on the quality of their products and customer care in the same way that Cure Cancer focuses on the quality of the research we fund and the impact it has on the those going through cancer treatment.

It is a pleasure to partner with Everyday Cashmere. They are such a passionate organization and their products are beautiful items that will last a lifetime.

Any personal everyday wellness habits that you’ve made as part of your daily mantra.

I love to start my day by moving my body! Whether that is a cycle class or a body-pump class at the gym or a run along the water on the beautiful Bay Run, I find that if I start my mornings with some form of exercise, it sets me up well for the rest of the day.

There is also something energizing about watching the sunrise each morning. It gives me an appreciation of nature and a moment of peace and stillness in what is normally a very busy world.