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Apr 03 ,2014

Autumn 2014 Collection Video

At Everyday Cashmere, we see our role as making life easy.

We understand you are combining work, relationships, often children and grandchildren, older parents, travel, and holidays. 

We aim to give you that little bit of luxury so you feel special and loved along the way, everyday.

The Collection is very much a journey. It doesn’t come to you all at once.

One of the most important aspects is the yarn. 

At Everyday Cashmere we combine the incredible softness of cashmere with the latest technology to create garments that really deliver and give you something back when you wear them.

We are constantly looking at new yarns and mixes and this season the collection combines the luxury of pure cashmere, silk and cashmere which appeals to many people for its all‑year-round lightweight properties, and then we have gone one step further and used a new mix of pure Australian merino with silk and cashmere.

The colours are a variety of neutrals with accents of colour that give you the capability to seamlessly combine a knitwear palette.

I think the result is that there is something to light up everyone’s face.

 You want people to stop you and say, “Hey you look fabulous. That colour really ignites your spirit.”

I hope you enjoy our Autumn 14 Collection Video.

Kind Regerds

Jen Hart

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