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We are true believers that great products are produced from great ingredients. Apera share this belief in the kitchen with good, honest food in a relaxed environment. With an open kitchen, Apera show their authenticity with transparent preparation whilst using native, home grown produce.


Like us at Everyday Cashmere, the team at Apera love getting to know their customers on a personal level. They have a hands on approach and push customer feedback directly to the chefs.


Apera have a wholesome approach to cooking, bringing this out through the décor of native flowers, recycled and repurposed furniture and wooden interiors to mimic the Castlecrag surroundings. They aim to provide what the people of Castlecrag want; a sophisticated yet casual and comfy restaurant bar that is open for a drink, nibble or feast. Perfect for a local Friday night cocktail or beer.


There is a lot of love in Cashmere, like there is a lot of love in the kitchen. The feeling of being wrapped in cashmere is similar to the feeling of having a belly full of delicious food. To share this feeling even more, Apera has now opened for lunch on Friday and Saturday from 11-3pm, serving gorgeous seasonal dishes.


A few of these include:

Semolina fried cuttlefish, black garlic aioli, lemon

Lamb baguette, white pea purée, snow pea tendrils, chimmichurri

Chicken baguette, apera slaw & pickles, pimenton aioli


As well as apera favourites:

1/2 rotisserie chicken

1/2 lamb shoulder

Heirloom tomato, burrata, oregano


We produce garments that we want to wear, and Apera produce food that they love to eat. Its authentic, its real. The team at Apera believe strongly in knowing the origins of the food used in cooking and the welfare of the animals we eat. The North Shore of Sydney was in desperate need of good places to go for a drink. The team have created a ‘beer garden’ outside using picnic tables, a pergola and planting. A beautiful area and easy location to get to for a great feed and a friendly atmosphere.




1 cup fresh breadcrumbs (made from stale bread)

4 cloves finely chopped garlic 

1/2 cup Australian EVOO

Gently heat olive oil then add breadcrumbs and garlic. With the heat down fairly low stir crumbs until crisp and golden then turnout onto a paper lined bowl. When cool remove paper and season.


300g King Brown Mushrooms (not to be confused with the Chinese King Oyster mushrooms!),sliced into 5mm slices lengthways

3tbs Australian EVOO

2tbs u/s butter

2 tbs chopped sage

1/2 cup white wine 

2tbs good quality sherry vinegar

Gently heat oil. Fry mushroom slices in oil in a single layer in batches until golden brown. Once all coloured nicely add all back to pan with butter, sage and garlic and stir constantly until butter is melted. Add wine and cook until wine is more or less evaporated. Put into a large bowl, toss through the vinegar and season well with salt and pepper. Set aside somewhere warm.

1 ball fresh Burrata

A few sprigs of marjoram, leaves picked

Crunchy baguette warmed in the oven to serve


Lay mushrooms down on a serving platter

Place burrata on top of mushrooms

Sprinkle desired amount of crumb over burrata ( save any leftovers for another dinner ie. add crunch to a simple pasta dish)

Drizzle over a bit of extra EVOO and a splash of sherry vinegar

Scatter over marjoram

Serve with lovely warm bread and enjoy!


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