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TESTIMONIAL - Travel diary on cashmere socks

Oh for the joy of an Everyday Cashmere sock............

There is no question that cashmere is the king of yarns, and there have been a few times that I’ve enjoyed the softness of a cashmere jumper, but I’ve never really been enticed by cashmere socks.  In my mind I thought they would end up bunched under your foot, be lumpy, shrink in the wash, and be delicious to wear - but as something to pull on after a cold day when walking wasn’t really on the agenda.  Well knock me over with a feather – was I wrong – or what!   My new fashion love is Everyday Cashmere socks.


I was fortunate enough to really give them a good workout pounding the hard streets of Europe in winter and I was very very pleased.  There was no bunching under the foot, no sweating, even after a 27 hour flight and the best part was I found I could walk all day on hard cobble streets and my feet didn’t hurt and my legs didn’t swell or ache.  It was only after having a ‘non cashmere’ day that I really noticed how sore my feet were – not what you want when lots of walking was the plan.


So was the investment worth it? – 100% without a shadow of a doubt.  In fact – put me down for a pair in grey – they will be perfect for mornings watching winter sport, under gumboots in winter or my new ‘go too’ gift for ‘baby boomers spending the kids inheritance travelling the world’.


So when you need a gift for a hard to buy for person – ie man – the go the cashmere sock.  Clichéd I know – but they are the king of yarns.  Or if you just want to smile on the inside knowing that your tootsies are snug and warm.  It will be our little secret.






Jul 17 ,2018 Pubslished In Latest News