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The European

The Best of Australia, Italy and Scotland in One Garment

Everyday Cashmere announces a new collection of cashmere, silk and merino garments that combine the best of Australian merino wool, spun with Italian cashmere and silk and made in Scotland.



Mar 28 ,2014 Pubslished In Latest News

Nikki Parkinson @StylingYou

Everyday Cashmere includes two model sizes

You know how I’m always banging on that brands should be featuring other sizes in their marketing? Not just a standard model size?

Well, I’m pleased to report that Australian lifestyle label, Everyday Cashmere, has listened. They’ve now photographed each of their online products on two different sized models.

It really makes it so much easier to visualise yourself in a garment if you have more than one reference point, don’t you think? You may not be either of those sizes but you might be able to position yourself in between.



Jul 03 ,2014 Pubslished In Media

How to Wash Cashmere?

May 03 ,2014 Pubslished In
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