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It was a Good Weekend for Luxe Layering

Thanks The Store by Fairfax for highlighting Everyday Cashmere's Supersoft scarf in today's SMH . You can now buy our products on The Store 


May 21 ,2018 Pubslished In Media

NICE! Signature Luxury Travel & Style editorial on 'Everyday Cashmere’s garments of love...'

Everyday Cashmere’s garments of love

Cashmere is expensive; cashmere made with love is priceless. The warmth, breathability, and softness of this natural fibre are beyond compare. Everyday Cashmere captures this essence of style and comfort with a wide collection ranging from pure cashmere cardigans to travel wraps. Excellence and quality exist in everything Everyday Cashmere does, accompanied by a whole lot of love. Everyday Cashmere is passionate about its garments and their meaning to the wearer’s lives.

Everyday Cashmere wants the products to be a woman’s best friend – something they can carry confidently and proudly through their demanding day-to-days. The pieces are fitted to flatter different body types and provide unparalleled comfort all year round. Elegantly chic, quietly luxurious, and above all, a discreet pleasure for the wearer. Stay snug and cosy with the signature pieces, ranging from ultra-soft sweaters to cascading lounge pants. Browse the collection to learn more about each garment.


Feb 22 ,2018 Pubslished In

Signature Luxury Travel & Style - The Scarf for Jet-setters

The Scarf For Jet-Setters, Says Signature Luxury Travel & Style


Jan 02 ,2018 Pubslished In Media

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