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Silk Chiffon Sarong Scarf


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Based on a photograph taken whilst flying over an Atoll - a ring shaped coral reef - this scarf shows the depth and variety of colour of the sea. Using a double exposure the shape of the atoll is multiplied and abstracted to create the final design for this best-selling scarf.


This image is of a Red Grouper fish, taken on a dive when living on a boat in Cairns. During many dives on the Great Barrier Reef, Sophie photographed its richness and diversity. The resulting photographs became the inspiration for this collection from which she created abstract and other-worldly designs based on the patterns and colours of the Great Barrier Reef.


Whilst flying over the Heart Reef Sophie photographed the wonderful undulating forms of the shallow turquoise water. Her photograph captures the intense colours of The Heart Reef, and the print is an imaginative and abstract way to represent its beauty.

Printed on a silk and chiffon blend fabric, it is lightweight and semi-transparent which makes it perfect as both a scarf and a sarong.

Category: Cashmere for Women, Cashmere Wraps and Scarves For Women,
138 x 197 cm Silk satin Hand-rolled edges