Our Story

“Nailing the perfect ‘stylish and oh-so comfy’ look for long haul flights is an art form. Sydney based businesswomen and fashionista Jen Hart turned long ago to cashmere as her go-to cloth. Hart established her label, Everyday Cashmere when living in Shanghai in 2008 with her husband and kids. 

“I wanted light, versatile garments that I could rely on in all situations," says Jen.
"Today her on-line business is booming, “ says Fiona Carruthers, Travel Editor, The Australian Financial Review. 

That’s, our story. As Australians you mightn’t think of cashmere as your first cloth for everyday wear, however as a nation of travellers, we get on a plane in one climate and off in another, hot to cold and cold to hot and some. We need soft, light and warm clothing that transits you around the globe, while making you feel special.

Our collection of all year-round investment pieces that ooze sophistication and celebrate timeless elegance, are made from Mongolian cashmere yarn that is sourced from family-run farms.  

We believe that you share our same values of quality and care and subscribe to the practical principle of, “I only wear clothes from brands that I trust, and make me feel special”.

Challenging ‘everydayness' is our goal. In the end, we believe there is a symbiotic relationship with our garments and how you feel. Soft and loved is what you get, from ethically produced yarn that is designed and knitted in a managed supply chain that produces extraordinary garments for everyday wear.

We are a small passionate team, which is based at our HQ in Sydney. Family is very important to us all, and we treat each customer as one of our own.

Yes we are online, and on other platforms and make for private label and select hotels and can be found in select boutiques.

That said, we love to pick up the phone and talk directly to people.

You can call us during business hours on +61 2 99585725 and talk to the design team.

Enjoy our shopping experience which says sophisticated traveller, everyday, in a uniquely Australian setting.

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