Newborn Love

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Say it with cashmere.


1 x Cashmere Baby Blanket

1 x Silk & Cashmere Wash

Cashmere Baby Blanket 

1 metre x 1 metre square these timeless blankets for those new kids on the block are a treasured gift for everyday love. Pure cashmere with a contrast border trim why not wrap and snuggle those precious little ones in the world’s most luxurious yarn. All pure cashmere and naturally hand dyed, they come in bright red, powder pink, light blue and traditional cream.

Silk & Cashmere Wash

We searched Australia wide to find the best product to make your life easy and guarantee that your cashmere gives ultimate performance. It’s made in Adelaide and formulated with green tea and lotus flowers. It is a gel which is low foaming, has natural deodorizers and conditioners used in silk creams, is anti-static and leave your cashmere smelling and feeling luxe. Suitable for sensitive skin.
Use 2-3 pumps per garment straight into the washing machine dispenser and wash on a wool/silk/delicate cycle.

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Newborn Love
Newborn Love

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