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NICE! Signature Luxury Travel & Style editorial on 'Everyday Cashmere’s garments of love...'

Everyday Cashmere’s garments of love

Cashmere is expensive; cashmere made with love is priceless. The warmth, breathability, and softness of this natural fibre are beyond compare. Everyday Cashmere captures this essence of style and comfort with a wide collection ranging from pure cashmere cardigans to travel wraps. Excellence and quality exist in everything Everyday Cashmere does, accompanied by a whole lot of love. Everyday Cashmere is passionate about its garments and their meaning to the wearer’s lives.

Everyday Cashmere wants the products to be a woman’s best friend – something they can carry confidently and proudly through their demanding day-to-days. The pieces are fitted to flatter different body types and provide unparalleled comfort all year round. Elegantly chic, quietly luxurious, and above all, a discreet pleasure for the wearer. Stay snug and cosy with the signature pieces, ranging from ultra-soft sweaters to cascading lounge pants. Browse the collection to learn more about each garment.


Feb 22 ,2018 Pubslished In

Signature Luxury Travel & Style - The Scarf for Jet-setters

The Scarf For Jet-Setters, Says Signature Luxury Travel & Style


Jan 02 ,2018 Pubslished In Media

Gifts that make you look good


In 3 exclusive colours - Tomato, Bali and Prussian Blue - you have voted this as the ‘Go To’ accessory for 2017.

Wear it 5 ways - a scarf, cowl neck, V neck, poncho and scoop - it is an all year round gift of love.

At a special Christmas price of $162 we have made it in a summer blend of pure Australian merino 70%  

and cashmere 30%. 

Super soft and light, and in three fabulous colours,  make it part of your holiday capsule wardrobe.

was $216 NOW $162


Aug 12 ,2017 Pubslished In Latest News

Meet the Transit Wrap

These cashmere Transit Wraps are pure luxe and keep you feeling loved when you are above the clouds. Perfect for frequent flyers, they are long enough to wrap around your body and double as the most perfect plane blanket. 

Light soft and warm, they are a hand crafted mix of cashmere and pure Australian merino and are available in 9 standout colours.



Jun 12 ,2017 Pubslished In Latest News

Qantas Gift Guide Features Everyday Cashmere

The 2017 Qantas Gift Guide has been released featuring our cashmere travel wraps Qantas says "Set to Jet - ideal for regular travellers, these cashmere wraps are stylish, incredibly cosy, easy to pack and large enough to double as a blanket on a long flight. They're available in 11 colours, including camel, nude standout coral and red, so matching with any outfit is simple. Make it an essential for every plane journey"


Feb 12 ,2017 Pubslished In Media

The Australian Travel & Indulgence says "Ready, Set, Go with Everyday Cashmere"


This luxuriously soft shrug from Everyday Cashmere is the quintessential accessory for any trans-seasonal adventure. Wear it as a cowl neck, a V-neck, asymmetrically as a poncho, a boat neck or scarf. Vailable in aqua, praline and sunshine yellow.


Nov 28 ,2017 Pubslished In Media

Festive Wrap

a touch of SPARKLE  for the PARTY Season

 A Cashmere Wrap with a dash of sparkle in the softest Winter white and dazzling black. Made in Scotland by Johnstons of Elgin.

Paillette yarn is the addition of tiny sequins knitted in to the garment, to give a shimmer and sparkle to your wardrobe.




Nov 17 ,2017 Pubslished In Latest News

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