Talk Directly To The Design Team


We understand that buying cashmere is a considered purchase that comes with a lot of love and longevity. Many of our customers like to chat through their requirements on the phone.

To talk direct to the design team, that's Jen or Rebecca call Monday - Friday 0437 000 714.

Shiona, our Care Manager is available Tuesday and Wednesday's and is an expert on what to pack for travelling, colour combinations and wraps for weddings and special events.

We can process your payment directly over the phone and send and/or email you your receipts.

No card details are kept and orders are shipped that day.

We love hearing stories about where you are planning to take your cashmere, and are up to discussing all elements of sizing, colours and fit.

So feel free to call us anytime from 9.30 am till 3 pm Monday to Friday and talk direct to the design team.