Diary of the Travelling Scarf

Sri Lanka: a country of humid urban cities, sunny coasts and chilly mountains. When packing for Sri Lanka, my Supersoft scarf was a must. At first, I thought this scarf would be perfect for Buddhist temples and sacred Hindu communities, but I used it in many more ways



We started in Colombo...

The capital city of Sri Lanka. Although the city is safe, I felt more comfortable covered in my scarf as my skin wasn’t exposed as much and I was protected from the sun. It came in handy when entering gorgeous religious temples as our shoulders had to be covered.

Top 3 Colombo:

  1. Tuk Tuk Safari Tour
  2. Gem and Jewelery Shopping
  3. Ministry of Crab


We then travelled down the coast to Unawatuna, a quaint coastal town with lots of sun and happy locals. We stayed at Pavilion Waves resort where we spent most of our time in or around the pool; it was fantastic. My scarf came in handy at dinnertime when it got a little colder. I never felt hot, always just warm and cosy. A must in Unawatuna is the sunset swing at Wijaya Beach; an absolutely amazing vista (and photo opportunity).


Unawatuna Top 3:

  1. Hidden Jungle Beach
  2. Turtle Hatcheries
  3. The Owl and the Pussycat Hotel for Lunch


Next we travelled to the luxurious Anantara Peace Haven resort in Tangelle. This coastal area is perfect for lounging by the pool and sipping cocktails. The sun was very strong and hot in Tangelle, so when I was feeling burnt, I wrapped my body in the Supersoft Scarf to hide away from the sun. Once again, it came in handy at twilight when the cool coastal breeze picked up.


Tangelle Top 3:

  1. Ceylon Sliders in Weligama
  2. Surfing in Weligama
  3. Lounging by the pool

Yala National Park

The next location was Yala National Park where we stayed at a gorgeous all-inclusive resort called Chena Huts. My scarf kept me warm on our two jungle safari’s per day and kept me covered from mosquitos at night when drinking cocktails at the bar. It was perfect for when I wanted to be warm but didn’t want to put on a long sleeve shirt or jumper.


Yala National Park Top 3:

  1. All inclusive stays
  2. Leopard sightings
  3. Herds of elephants roaming the park