"An essential accessory in every female flyer’s wardrobe is this 100% cashmere unstructured shrug that serves as a short poncho or scarf popped over a T-shirt, blouse or dress. Perfect for trans-seasonal travel and available in 6 shades, including a festive garnet red. "

The Weekend Australian, Susan Kurosawa.
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Stay warm and stylish with ultra-soft and light Everyday Cashmere ponchos. Our selection comes in a variety of designs and colours to match our personal style, including statement pieces that have been gracing the runways. Turn your everyday trips into a catwalk, while staying cosy and loved up. Snug and perfect for a cold winter's day, our ponchos are masterpieces that combine technical ingenuity and the finest yarns with a personal touch. It is the traveler's best friend and the fashionista's must-have accessory to got with any season. After all, there is no bad time to wear cashmere. Our ponchos can be wrap, an evening shawl, a cape all at once - the piece remains a stunning silhouette draped over your body as it defends you against the wind chill. Browse our collection and buy your cashmere poncho today.