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Cashmere Silk Wash

Treat each Everyday Cashmere piece like a friend.

Cashmere is a natural fibre and there is no need to dry clean it, rub it excessively, wring it or stick it in a tumble dryer. In fact PLEASE don’t.

For the best results and longevity of your treasured garment simply;

  • wash gently by hand, with warm water using shampoo or an approved wool wash
  • do not add fabric softener
  • squidge the wet soapy garment with your fingers, and leave it to soak for a few minutes
  • rinse with cool clean water
  • roll in a towel to remove excess water
  • dry flat in the shade. Make sure it is not stretched out of shape
  • turn garment inside out and use a warm iron if you deem it necessary

Machine Washing

If your washing machine has a wool, silk or delicates cycle, use that. We recommend using our Delicate Cashmere Wash in the powder dispenser of the machine. we do not recommend using fabric softeners. Dry flat.


It is normal for most natural fibres including Merino, lambswool and cashmere to pill, especially in high traffic areas that experience most friction, like under the arms, sleeves or cuff openings.

Pills are formed when the fibres from the yarn are loosened and gather to form tangles or balls on the garment surface. You can pick them off, or give your garment a light comb with a soft brush.

Laundering plays an important role in the care of the garment. Correct washing techniques should be carried out to minimize pilling.

Our Cashmere Wash 

We searched Australia wide to find the best product to make your life easy and guarantee that your cashmere gives you ultimate performance.

It is made in Adelaide and formulated with green tea and lotus flowers. It is a gel which is low foaming, has natural deodorizers and conditioners used in silk creams, is anti static and leaves your cashmere smelling and feeling luxe. Suitable for sensitive skin, in fact it's a great replacement on hotel shampoo!

Use 2-3 pumps per garment straight into the washing machine dispenser and wash on a wool/silk/or delicates cycle.